Why Connect Creatio?


Connect Creatio's iPaaS technology allows you to connect anything to anything

Low Code

Low code functionality encourages input from more stakeholders

Templated Options

Starter templates for integration and migration streamline and speed up your Creatio projects

Scripting Flexibility

Multiple scripting languages support advanced capabilities for how you work

Secure On-Premises Connections

Connect Creatio's Ray technology connects on-premises data without disabling firewalls

AI-Powered DevOps

Connect Creatio's AI-powered Stitch engine accelerates complex development

Integrate Creatio for Complete Data Transparency

Use Connect Creatio to remove data silos and reveal more meaningful analytics. Integrate with email, marketing automation, ERP, and so much more. View our comprehensive connector list to get started.


Migrate to Creatio from Your Old CRM

Ready to take advantage of all Creatio has to offer? Use Connect Creatio for structured, easily customizable data migration. Whether you’re using a starter template to migrate core fields or you need something more personalized to your business, you can begin benefitting from Creatio sooner with our scalable migrations.

creatio integration

Get Help From Experts

Connect Creatio’s expert developers can support your data project from start to finish. Let us clean and prepare your data, help you prep data for use in a data lake, or take the load off your shoulders with full-service project implementation.

creatio integration

Powered by StarfishETL

Connect Creatio is powered by StarfishETL, a multifunctional, low code iPaaS that can connect more than 375 applications to your Creatio instance. Together, Connect Creatio and StarfishETL help you build the data relationships you need to scale better, recognize trends earlier, and analyze insights more accurately. StarfishETL continually ranks as a high performer in G2 user reviews.
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