Connect Creatio Powered by StarfishETL

StarfishETL is a low code iPaaS that helps businesses create meaningful relationships with their data. Creatio is a leader in no-code business process management. Together, Connect Creatio and StarfishETL align to offer a superior data transformation experience for Creatio customers. Whether you're looking for agile integration or simplified migration, Connect Creatio can help you build successful data relationships.

The Basics of Connect Creatio

Creatio-Specific Connections

Connect Creatio is meant specifically for uniting Creatio with supporting applications or migrating to Creatio from another CRM. Its starter templates make it easy for Creatio customers to make connections that support the way they work.

Not Limited by Low Code

While low code is a strength of both StarfishETL and Creatio, Connect Creatio doesn't confine users to low code options. The solution also offers the ability to custom code in JavaScript, VBScript, C#, or Python.

Connections from Anywhere

Connect Creatio is one of the few integration solutions today that not only connects cloud and hybrid environments, but also allows users to connect with on-premises solutions without disabling the firewall.

Secure Data

Connect Creatio is encrypted with SSL. Black box testing of Web services and servers is standard, passwords are protected with AES 256-bit encryption, and no data is ever kept at rest. On-premises users can lock down the drive to limit access to the file system and opt-in to encrypt SQLite DB (manages cross-system IDs) if desired, too.

A History of Excellence

Connect Creatio is powered by StarfishETL, which is consistently rated a high performer in customer G2 reviews.
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